Dental Health (CINOT)

Good oral health is important to children's overall health. Yet, for some, regular dental care may not be affordable. The Children In Need Of Treatment (CINOT) program ensures that children and youth with urgent dental treatment needs and no other access to care can receive treatment at no cost.

Ontario's 36 public health units work with local partners such as primary care providers, dentists, dental hygienists, hospitals, schools and universities to deliver this program.

Who is eligible?

Children 17 years and under may be eligible if:

  • They are residents of Ontario;
  • They have an urgent dental condition identified during screening by one of the public health unit's dental team;
  • They do not have access to any form of dental coverage (including other government-funded programs, like Ontario Works); and
  • The parent/legal guardian signs a declaration that their family does not have any dental insurance for the necessary dental treatment and that the costs of dental treatment for this treatment will create a financial hardship. The parent/legal guardian also signs to say that they understand they may be required to provide financial documentation to substantiate the declaration of financial hardship.

CINOT covers basic treatment including oral exams, x-rays, topical fluoride, cleaning, fillings, root canals, extractions and out-of-hospital anesthetic coverage

Public health dental staff provides dental screening in all publicly funded elementary schools annually. Dental screening is a quick (30 - 60 second) visual assessment using a sterilized mirror and a light. If a dental problem is detected during this screening, or if your child would benefit from receiving preventive services, the dental team will notify you via a note home with your child or a telephone call. Alternatively parents/caregivers can call their local public health unit to arrange for a dental screening, or to find out more about public health dental programs: