Healthy Communities Fund banner

The Healthy Communities Fund (HCF) supports communities to plan and deliver integrated programs that improve the health of Ontarians. The Fund plays a key role in helping to achieve the program's vision of Ontarians leading healthy and active lives. The goals of the Healthy Communities Fund are to:

  • Create a culture of health and well-being;
  • Build healthy communities through coordinated action;
  • Create policies and programs that make it easier for Ontarians to be healthy; and
  • Enhance the capacity of community leaders to work together on healthy living.

The Healthy Communities Fund has three main components:

  • Program Stream (for province-wide projects)
    Provincial health promotion initiatives that address two or more priority areas - physical activity, injury prevention, healthy eating, mental health promotion, and preventing alcohol and substance misuse.

  • Partnership Stream
    Supports coordinated community mobilization activities to develop local healthy eating and physical activity policies that make it easier for Ontarians to be healthy.

  • Resource Stream
    Provides consultations, learning activities and resources to those working to advance health promotion in Ontario, including local partnerships and provincial organizations that apply for and/or receive funding through the HCF Grants Program Stream.

    HC Link is the Resource Stream component of the Healthy Communities Fund. HC Link works with community groups, organizations, and partnerships to build healthy, vibrant communities. For more information visit: