Fun After-School

apples on top of teachers deskThe after-school hours are a critical time to keep kids moving. Encourage your children to play outside and try activities like these:

  • play catch with a baseball, football, or frisbee
  • have a game of tag or monkey in the middle
  • play driveway hockey or draw chalk lines on the driveway for hopscotch or 4-square
  • create their own dance moves to their favourite songs and perform for the family
  • skip rope  - head indoors when the weather is cold 
  • go to the park with friends - help your child improve his or her fitness skills by encouraging the use of swing, slides, monkey bars, etc…
  • go mountain climbing…okay, maybe just scale the hills in your yard or neighbourhood park or hike in a local ravine or trail system
  • keep track of how many times they can walk around the block in 30 minutes - if you live on a farm, keep track of how long it takes to walk around the entire property one time
  • register your child at a sports club or community centre for lessons or activities  like karate, bowling, yoga, hip hop, basketball or swimming

Source: EatRight Ontario external link

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