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New steps towards a smoke-free Ontario

Ontario has made changes to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act to further protect children and youth from the dangers of smoking. Learn more at

Tackling Illegal Tobacco

On June 1, 2011, new measures to further protect young people from the dangers of cheap, illegal tobacco became law in Ontario.

The Supporting Smoke-Free Ontario by Reducing Contraband Tobacco Act, 2011 marks another major step towards a Smoke-Free Ontario.

What experts are saying.

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Renewing the Commitment to a Smoke-Free Ontario

The Ontario government is renewing and strengthening its commitment to a Smoke-Free Ontario by addressing the recommendations in the October 2010 report of the Tobacco Strategy Advisory Group.

The new measures, which include a $5-million increase to the Smoke-Free Ontario budget, are designed to help more people quit smoking and ensure that young people don't pick up the habit in the first place.

Smoking Fact Sheets

Smoking affects the health of smokers and those around them in many ways. It has both social and economic consequences.

The following fact sheets outline smoking trends, consequences and steps taken to change how tobacco products are displayed and sold.