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The Smoke-Free Ontario Act affects people in all walks of life, including proprietors, employers, workers, retailers and health care service providers.

Aboriginal Peoples' Use of Tobacco

Aboriginal peoples have certain rights to use tobacco in health care settings. Learn more about this exemption.


Starting January 1, 2015, smoking is no longer permitted on children's playgrounds or in public spaces within 20 metres of a playground ("smoke-free areas").

Bars & Restaurants

If you serve, sell or offer food or drink, then you have duties under the act. Find out more.

Post-Secondary Institutions

Starting January 1, 2015, the sale of tobacco on all college and university campuses will no longer be legal.

Child Care Services

There are specific provisions to protect children, staff and parents. Learn more.


The restrictions on displaying and promoting tobacco products in retail establishments have been changed. Learn more.

Employers & Employees

Find out what you need to do to protect your employees and comply with the act. Learn more.

Residential Care Facilities

There is no smoking in these facilities except under certain conditions. Find out more.

Enclosed Public Places

Learn the definition of an “enclosed public place” and the duties of owners and proprietors. Learn more by clicking here.

Manufacturers & Retailers

Information about the display ban and exemptions for manufacturers and duty-free retailers. Learn more.

Home Health Care Workers

The act gives home health care workers specific rights and responsibilities. Learn more.

Multi-Unit Residences

The proprieters of these facilities have certain responsibilities. Find out more.


A hospital is considered both an enclosed workplace and an enclosed public place under the act. Learn more.


Smoking is prohibited in public schools, private schools and on public school property. Learn more.

Hotels, Motels & Inns

Smoking is not allowed in these facilities with one exception. Learn what it is and the responsibilities of owners and proprietors.

Sporting Areas

Starting January 1, 2015, smoking is no longer allowed at publicly-owned outdoor sporting areas, spectator areas, sporting areas and public areas within 20 metres of any point of the edge of the sporting or spectator areas.



Are you a registered tobacconist? You have exemptions and responsibilities. Learn more.

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