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Issued: January 2010
ISBN #: 978-1-4249-6022-4
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Dividing Line

Why it's Hard to Kick the Habit: Nicotine Addiction
Nicotine in cigarette tobacco is an addictive drug.

Fact: You Can Quit
Facts about smoking.

Quitting: Fast Track to Better Health
There are lots of reasons to quit smoking. What're yours?

Tips to Make Quitting Easier
You may find that you have many reasons for smoking…
but the reasons for quitting outweigh them all.

Thinking cold turkey? It's not the only way!
Most people quitting for the first time try to do it on their own (also known as “coldturkey”).

How to help a friend quit
Support from others is invaluable in the quit process. There are ways you can help.

How to cope when you quit
When you quit, you may feel some withdrawal symptoms.

Quitting Support Resources
Resources and organizations to help you quit

Quit Brochure